About Us

Student with tutor at the Academic Success Tutoring center in Mukilteo.

Academic Successmeets the specific needs of each student by using a personalized, comprehensive holistic program that considers each student’s individual learning style. Each student receives individual attention and works with the same tutor every session; our special, one-on-one approach allows the tutor to focus on the academic needs of his or her student, developing a rapport which helps to motivate our students to excel.

Rather than using cookie-cutter programs, our independent center utilizes specialized programs which focus on the fundamentals of learning. The advantage of our unique, one-on-one approach is that our tutors are able to tailor each lesson to fit the specific needs of each student, maximize the individual strengths of each student, and promote a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Our successful, student-centered tutoring program improves students’ grades. Our use of detailed explanations, visual aids, and problem-solving, hands-on learning materials enhances learning and promotes a feeling of confidence in students about their scholastic abilities.

Tutoring not only maximizes the learning experience of students who may be struggling in certain areas, but it also optimizes the potential of students who are already excelling in school and who are ready for extra academic challenges. Our unique approach and highly qualified tutors provide specialized instruction for advanced students.

Our personalized evaluation allows us to pinpoint the academic level of an incoming student and the most effective approach to that student’s learning process.

We at Academic Success are proud of our outstanding center. Stop in and introduce yourself and get to know more about our center and our excellent programs. Contact us.